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  • 1989 Summer One 2 Many

    The birth of One 2 May (later known as Matrix) organizes the house music movement in the S.F.V.

  • 1990 Feb Club Penthouse

    Matrix opens Club Penthouse

  • 1990 Jun Club Lites Out

    Opens Club Lites Out, Matrix 1st Year Anniversary

  • 1990 Aug The Closet

    Opens The Closet

  • 1990 Oct Opens Club Static +More

    Opens Club Static, also re-opens Lites Out at Pappy’s in Glendale

  • 1991 Summer Dee-Lite Nite 1 +More

    Dee-Lite Nite 1, Club Mannequinz, Details opens Club Rummors starring The Poorman, Matrix 2nd year anniversary

  • 1991 Dec The National Guard

    New Years at The National Guard in San Fernando

  • 1992 Summer Unity 92 +More

    Club Jolt, Unity 92 at St. Ferdinands, Matrix 3 Year Anniversary

  • 1992 Summer Awarehouse

    Awarehouse at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles

  • 1992 December KRAVE

    New Years Eve “Krave’ at Knotts Berrt Farm

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